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How to Write SEO Friendly Article

Yes! This is the most common and full of enthusiasm question now a day that How to Write SEO Friendly Article and within a short span of time it must be on the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). If you want to be a professional blogger and want your articles always on the top of SERP and if you want to Write Search Engine Optimized Articles then you must read this article.


We all know that Internet is an imaginary world where we can get all the things we desire in term of Search Results, and for this Search Engines do their best to fulfill our desires. So it is clear that the output which we want from internet is depends on Search Engines Results and if Search Engines present unwilling or un-useful information before us then we say that the Search Engine is not very useful for us and we down vote that particular Search Engine.


In that case we try to switch to another Search Engine. Although it has not happened so far, but all Search Engine know very well that if they will not produce useful and target information before their clients then they will definitely suffer in quality and they will lost their market value, dignity and also they will be replaced by  other Search Engine in the age of competition. So every Search Engine whether it is Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other they produce best and suitable content before you, which full fills your demand. In this article I will teach you that How to write SEO Friendly Article.



  1. Content must be “To the Point” and “Useful” for the Audiences.


Now we have very clear cut idea that if we are going to write something on web, then it must be to the point, useful and must have quality so that Search Engine can like this to present it before clients. The content in your article must be related to the Title of your Article. That means Your Article should have SEO Friendly Title.


Suppose we ask a shopkeeper to give 1 K.G. Apples and he gives us 1 K.G. Orange then what will be your reaction? I think that you will be very much angry and ask him to listen you carefully, but if again he do the same mistake then?  I think this time you will kick on his Ass, if you don’t have so much patience as I have.


So definitely you will switch to another shopkeeper who listens you carefully and gives you only that thing which you asked. The same concept applies for Search Engines. If Search engines will not produce desired content which you want then definitely you will thing to switch to another one.


But what do you think; will Search Engines let it happen? Definitely the Answer is NO! Before it, someone decide to drop any particular Search Engine, Search Engine drop that website from the SERP which is not useful for the audience, to improve its quality. It has been happened in Feb 2010 when Google faced this problem and then they launched Panda Algorithm which dropped thousands of website in SERP which had poor or un-useful content.  If your Articles is not up to topic and it is absurd or present unwilling or un-useful information then Search Engines will put it down the stairs and it will not be shown in SERP. So always write Quality Content in your article.


  1. Grammatical mistakes

The Second thing to understand is that your article must be grammatical correct. That means you must take care of punctuation marks, full stop, commas, inverted commas, proper tense and all other grammatical issues. If you are using Passive voice in your article then it should be maximum 30% of all content.

To accomplish this you should write your article in any text editor of your choice. I use the latest version of MS Word for this.   You know that MS Word automatically shows all possible grammatical and spelling errors and you can easily correct them. After writing the whole article you may copy and paste it to your website to publish this online.

  1. Your Article must be long enough. Small articles are not preferred by SERP.

Your article must be long enough to explain the topic you are describing in your article. If you write small articles with 100 to 200 words or lesser then it means you are not willing to provide deep or detailed information to your audiences. Because Google prefer long articles on the same topic and put it higher in SERP.

In my earlier days I usually wrote small articles with very small contend and with 1 or 2 images. Because at that time my motive was to write more and more articles in lesser time. If you also follow the same fashion then it means that you are going to kill your article with your own hand. In February 2010 when Google launched Panda Algorithm then Google dropped all those websites from SERP which had these kinds of articles and those websites had to lose their top ranking in SERP.

When Google put down the ranking of those websites then the owner of those websites had to done a lot of work to recover from the Panda disaster. You should remember one thing that Panda Algorithm drop down the ranking of whole website despite the ranking of that particular article. And also remember that in future Google can introduce new algorithm to improve its SERP performances. So be careful in writing your articles, just write enough content for your audiences.


  1. Use on Page SEO tricks:


On Page SEO is one of the most important aspects when you write the articles. Because without On Page SEO your articles will not be appear in SERP for the target keywords.

For example you are writing an article on topic “how to cook butter chicken” then in your content you must insert the word of above said keyword in bold, italic, underline or in different color than black.

When you do this then what it’s meaning for Google? Yes! Google assumes these words different and special and index them in his directory. When someone searches with the above keyword then Google put those websites higher in SERP which has these words in special format in their articles.

It doesn’t mean that with only special format your website be on top. Besides this all other factors also affect your SEO Performance but yes, this is one of the most important factors.

  1. Social and Internal bookmarking :

To improve the visibility of your article over internet you must do some social and internal bookmarking for your article. Social bookmarking is a vast topic and I will cover it in another article. But as far as Internal bookmarking is concerned then it means that you must put some links to other articles in your current article.

But remember that these links must be relevant and must be in the flow of the topic. Now the question is that how internal bookmarking improves the visibility of your blog. So the answer is here. When Google crawl your current article then it also crawls all the internal links in your article and in this way your past articles also get crawled by the Google webmaster. So internal bookmarking improves overall SEO Performance of your Blog.

  1. Use Meta Title

You must use Meta title for your article. A Meta tag is nothing but a HTML tag which looks like as below:

<meta name=”description” content=”Your page description here”/>


In Content field of above HTML tag you must write keyword oriented text which also covers your Page Title. Remember Meta title must be between 135 to 160 characters. I will cover Meta title in another article as it is very vast article.


  1. Don’t Post Duplicate Contents

Always remember that duplicate content is a dangerous curse for your article. If you are copying someone’s content and Paste it to your article then it means that you are going to kill your article, because Google has super smart mechanism to identify the duplicate content over internet.

If you copy any content from another article and paste to your article then the content in your article will be considered as duplicate because Google match the content in its index and also check the date and time of both the contents. The older one will be considered as Unique and the other one will be considered as Duplicate. For detailed information I will cover this topic in another article.

So the bottom line is that “Whether you write 2 Lines, but it must be Unique”. That means you should write which is in your mind and when you will do this then you will be surprised that the content which you write, will be unique.

  1. Keyword Density

The next important aspect to write SEO oriented article is that your article should have Keywords in your content. Most importantly the Title should be cover in the first paragraph of your article. The density of Keyword must be between 8-10%. That means in a paragraph of 100 words there must be 5-10 keywords.

  1. Use H1, H2, H3 tags for headings

In your article you should use H1, H2 and H3 headings. Because Search Engines give a special value to Headings and they index these headings against keywords of your articles. When someone searches anything against that particular keyword then Google check its index and present those articles before the audiences which have included special format content in their articles and one of special format is a heading. So be careful while you write any blog. Always write H1, H2, and H3 headings in your articles.


So guys! I think that after reading this you would have gained some useful information. If you find it useful then don’t forget to like us on face book or share us on social websites. Thank you guys!

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