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Bluehost Share Hosting Review: Get INR 2000/- or US $30 Discount on any Purchase

If you are a Blogger, Web developer, any Small Businessman or a student and you are searching for shared web hosting to start a new website, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog I will describe Bluehost Share Hosting Review in 2016 for you that why you should go ahead with Blue Host Share Hosting.

When you search for Web Hosting Plan on Internet then you may find several Web Hosting Companies on the Search Console. You may find Bluehost, WordPress and Hostgator and many more well reputed web hosting companies. All these Hosting Companies have their own features and market values. Among all of them one name is there and that is Bluehost. In this article I will describe the best features of Bluehost hosing.  So let’s start with sharing hosting first and then we will come to Bluehost Share Hosting Review.

 What is Share Hosting

I thing that you will be well known about web hosting. Web hosting is basically a service of providing disc space and other web services on the web servers so that anyone can run their website with proper functioning. If we talk about the types of web hosting then share hosting and VPS hosting comes in the frame.

Share hosting is just like to travel in a bus or train where you are compromising with all of your assets. That means you are not much secure, because any passenger in the bus or train may interfere your privacy as you are sharing the space with them. Share hosting has the same scenario where you share disc space and services provided by the web hosting companies.

On the other hand VPS (Virtual Private Servers) hosting or sometime called Dedicated VPS hosting is just like to travel in a private car or taxi where you are traveling alone with full privacy and security. No one is looking your assets and there is no one to interfere you. Similarly in VPS hosting the web space and the services provided are only for you. The services are dedicated for you.

Which hosting we should choose: Shared or VPS?

Now you know the difference between Shared and VPS hosting. As in above scenario if someone ask you that which is the cheaper source and which is the costly one to travel, then your answer will be bus or train. Someone who cares about cost but not for security and privacy will prefer to travel in bus or train while someone who loves privacy and confidentiality will prefer to travel in personal source of travel like car or taxi.

The same scenario is with Shared hosting and VPS hosing. Shared hosting is much cheaper than VPS hosting because space and services are shared by all users. So it is you who decide that which hosting package should select. But we suggest that if you are a small business man or a starter blogger or a student or you are running a website which is not very much confidential then you must go ahead with shared hosting. VPS hosting is used by those companies who needs confidentiality and security like Banks, Railways, Finance Companies or many more. Now let’s come back to Bluehost Share hosting Review.

  1. Powerful Windows and Linux Hosting

Bluehost provides powerful windows and Linux hosting. In windows hosting you may run websites using ASP.NET 4.5 as a front end and MSSQL 2012 as a back end (database). You will get easy and flexible plesk panel and support of almost all application is there.

  1. 1 Click Install of all Applications

There is 1 Click installation of almost all applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. InWordPress, Joomla or Drupal you may find thousands of free themes which may be suitable for your blog or your website. There are almost all kind of themes which you may select.

  1. Unlimited Resources

In Bluehost Hosting one great thing is that you will get unlimited resources. That means you are going to get unlimited disk space, unlimited database space and unlimited email accounts. In this case Bluehost has a slightly difference among some other hosting companies.

  1. 30 days money back guarantee

One great thing you will get in Bluehost hosting is that they give 30 days’ money back guarantee. Means if you are not satisfied with their services then any time you may ask for refund within the time span of 30 days.

  1. Support and Up time

When you are searching for any hosting company over internet then support and up time of that web hosting company are the issues to concern. If we talk about Bluehost then we are proud to say that there server up time is 99.99% which is a standard figure in the industry. The 2nd thing is Support. Bluehost provides 24×7 online support via phone calls (toll free number also available), email and online chat.

  1. WordPress Optimized Linux Hosting

If you are going to create your website on WordPress then Bluehost’s Linux Hosting is the better choice for you, because Bluehost’s Linux hosting is best for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart or any other CMS then you must use Bluehost’s Linux hosting.

  1. Sitelock malware detector

Sitelock malware detector is a latest technology provided by Bluehost which protect your website from viruses and malwares. Sitelock monitors your website and data from threats like malwares 24×7. It scans almost everything (database, emails and applications) in your website to protect you from vulnerabilities and attacks. It is automatically and you don’t need to have any technical skills for this. Sitelock is a paid service and you have to pay some amount to avail this service. If you have confidential information on your website then you must use Sitelock feature.

  1. Free Domain

You will get free domain with any Plan you will purchase. You don’t need to pay extra money for domain purchase. Just choose your plan and continue with the steps.


bluehost linux share hosting plans

bluehost linux share hosting plans

Get INR 2000/- or US $30 Discount on any Purchase

If you buy any Bluehost Hosting Service from the following recommended link then you will get INR 2000/- (for Indian customers) or US $30 for foreigner customers.

Buy  Bluehost Hosting Service

How can we give this huge discount on any Purchase?

Yes! This is the burning question which may create enthusiasm in your mind that how we can give this huge discount for any purchase. So we are going to clear here that we are not giving any amount from our pocket. We are just sharing our profit with you. We have some business relationship with Bluehost and we are sharing our profit with you.

How we will pay your Discount

You just have to send your Bluehost username and email-id (with your bank account details) from which you will get registered to our email id forumby.gajender.af@gmail.com. After the period of 30 days which is money back guarantee period we will deposit amount in your bank account provided by you.

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