What is Social Bookmarking

What is Social Bookmarking

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what is social bookmarkingg

What is Social Bookmarking

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you will be fine. If you are again on my forum then I think that you like my articles, but if you have visited on my Forum at the very first time then I Welcome you on my Forum. OK. So let’s have a cup of coffee and just read my article on the topic what is social bookmarking with every sip of coffee.

Local Bookmarking

If you are connected from computer and internet from a long time then I think you will be aware of bookmarking. So many times while surfing the web you have found some websites very useful and informative. So what do you do then? I am sure that you bookmark those websites in your web browser.

But if you are not aware about bookmarking in web browser then just check in your web browser there will be an option of bookmark in Menu Options of your web browser. When you click on bookmark option then the web address of current website is saved in the cache memory of web browser and in future whenever you need to open that particular website or webpage then you do not need to search that website again. You only need to open bookmarked websites from your web browser and that website opens before you without searching the web. This is the simple concept of bookmarking.

what is social bookmarking

what is social bookmarking

Why Local Bookmarking is not Reliable

Now just think about a situation in which either your system crashes or you have to format it for any reason and you have lost all the system information in your computer which also includes bookmark history of your web browser. Another situation may be that your system is perfect, but you are not at home or your Laptop is not with you. So in both the above conditions how can you access that particular website which you need? Definitely you will say that you have to search that particular website again to access it. In this case we can say that Bookmarking or in general we can say it local bookmarking, is not 100% reliable because there are chances in which we cannot access online content which we have bookmarked and the reason may be any.

So now this question arises that what is the solution of above problem? The very simple answer of this question is Social Bookmarking. Yes! It is Social Bookmarking which is 100% reliable when you are connected to the internet without worrying of your system crash or it is formatted. But how? Let’s understand this now.

Social Bookmarking

When we post the link of any article or any web page to any Social website like StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit or Digg then it is known as Social Bookmarking. Unlike Local Bookmarking Social Bookmarking can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You only need a computer with internet enabled. Thus we can say that Social Bookmarking is the best way to keep our useful links saved on web. So this is known as Social Bookmarking. Now there are some questions that how to do Social Bookmarking for SEO, how effective is Social Bookmarking for SEO etc. So I will post the details of these questions in my next articles. That is all for now.  Thanks for reading my whole Article. Thanks a lot guys. J



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