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bluehost share hosting review

Bluehost Share Hosting Review: Get INR 2000/- or US $30 Discount on any Purchase

If you are a Blogger, Web developer, any Small Businessman or a student and you are searching for shared web hosting to start a new website, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog I will describe Bluehost Share Hosting Review in 2016 for you that why you should go ahead with Blue Host Share Hosting.

When you search for Web Hosting Plan on Internet then you may find several Web Hosting Companies on the Search Console. You may find Bluehost, WordPress and Hostgator and many more well reputed web hosting companies. All these Hosting Companies have their own features and market values. Among all of them one name is there and that is Bluehost. In this article I will describe the best features of Bluehost hosing.  So let’s start with sharing hosting first and then we will come to Bluehost Share Hosting Review.

 What is Share Hosting

I thing that you will be well known about web hosting. Web hosting is basically a service of providing disc space and other web services on the web servers so that anyone can run their website with proper functioning. If we talk about the types of web hosting then share hosting and VPS hosting comes in the frame.

Share hosting is just like to travel in a bus or train where you are compromising with all of your assets. That means you are not much secure, because any passenger in the bus or train may interfere your privacy as you are sharing the space with them. Share hosting has the same scenario where you share disc space and services provided by the web hosting companies.

On the other hand VPS (Virtual Private Servers) hosting or sometime called Dedicated VPS hosting is just like to travel in a private car or taxi where you are traveling alone with full privacy and security. No one is looking your assets and there is no one to interfere you. Similarly in VPS hosting the web space and the services provided are only for you. The services are dedicated for you.

Which hosting we should choose: Shared or VPS?

Now you know the difference between Shared and VPS hosting. As in above scenario if someone ask you that which is the cheaper source and which is the costly one to travel, then your answer will be bus or train. Someone who cares about cost but not for security and privacy will prefer to travel in bus or train while someone who loves privacy and confidentiality will prefer to travel in personal source of travel like car or taxi.

The same scenario is with Shared hosting and VPS hosing. Shared hosting is much cheaper than VPS hosting because space and services are shared by all users. So it is you who decide that which hosting package should select. But we suggest that if you are a small business man or a starter blogger or a student or you are running a website which is not very much confidential then you must go ahead with shared hosting. VPS hosting is used by those companies who needs confidentiality and security like Banks, Railways, Finance Companies or many more. Now let’s come back to Bluehost Share hosting Review.

  1. Powerful Windows and Linux Hosting

Bluehost provides powerful windows and Linux hosting. In windows hosting you may run websites using ASP.NET 4.5 as a front end and MSSQL 2012 as a back end (database). You will get easy and flexible plesk panel and support of almost all application is there.

  1. 1 Click Install of all Applications

There is 1 Click installation of almost all applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. InWordPress, Joomla or Drupal you may find thousands of free themes which may be suitable for your blog or your website. There are almost all kind of themes which you may select.

  1. Unlimited Resources

In Bluehost Hosting one great thing is that you will get unlimited resources. That means you are going to get unlimited disk space, unlimited database space and unlimited email accounts. In this case Bluehost has a slightly difference among some other hosting companies.

  1. 30 days money back guarantee

One great thing you will get in Bluehost hosting is that they give 30 days’ money back guarantee. Means if you are not satisfied with their services then any time you may ask for refund within the time span of 30 days.

  1. Support and Up time

When you are searching for any hosting company over internet then support and up time of that web hosting company are the issues to concern. If we talk about Bluehost then we are proud to say that there server up time is 99.99% which is a standard figure in the industry. The 2nd thing is Support. Bluehost provides 24×7 online support via phone calls (toll free number also available), email and online chat.

  1. WordPress Optimized Linux Hosting

If you are going to create your website on WordPress then Bluehost’s Linux Hosting is the better choice for you, because Bluehost’s Linux hosting is best for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart or any other CMS then you must use Bluehost’s Linux hosting.

  1. Sitelock malware detector

Sitelock malware detector is a latest technology provided by Bluehost which protect your website from viruses and malwares. Sitelock monitors your website and data from threats like malwares 24×7. It scans almost everything (database, emails and applications) in your website to protect you from vulnerabilities and attacks. It is automatically and you don’t need to have any technical skills for this. Sitelock is a paid service and you have to pay some amount to avail this service. If you have confidential information on your website then you must use Sitelock feature.

  1. Free Domain

You will get free domain with any Plan you will purchase. You don’t need to pay extra money for domain purchase. Just choose your plan and continue with the steps.


bluehost linux share hosting plans

bluehost linux share hosting plans

Get INR 2000/- or US $30 Discount on any Purchase

If you buy any Bluehost Hosting Service from the following recommended link then you will get INR 2000/- (for Indian customers) or US $30 for foreigner customers.

Buy  Bluehost Hosting Service

How can we give this huge discount on any Purchase?

Yes! This is the burning question which may create enthusiasm in your mind that how we can give this huge discount for any purchase. So we are going to clear here that we are not giving any amount from our pocket. We are just sharing our profit with you. We have some business relationship with Bluehost and we are sharing our profit with you.

How we will pay your Discount

You just have to send your Bluehost username and email-id (with your bank account details) from which you will get registered to our email id After the period of 30 days which is money back guarantee period we will deposit amount in your bank account provided by you.

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How to Earn Money from Blogging At Home

Hello Guys! In this article I would like to explain you the best way to earn money from home without any investment or with very low investment. Guys! I will tell you only very few ways to earn money from home. You only need to be expert of computer or i can say internet. You must have a computer or laptop with an internet connection enabled. So here are those ways which may take you to earn a handsome amount of money.


Blogging: – Blogging is very powerful and last long way to earn money unlike other way to earn money online. In blogging you may start earning the money in consistent way and your business of blogging will be increase day by day. Let’s first know about blogging.

Blogging is basically a writing work in which you write articles in any blog. These articles must be useful and have quality content for readers who have searched it on Google. If the people who have searched your article on Google and they find it useful for them then definitely they will like it and they will respond your article with face book like button or by any other means. Now a question arises that how can we earn from writing articles in a blog.

Adsense-IncomeWell, this is quite interesting question that how income generates from writing articles in a blog. So here is the simple answer of this question. Basically the income from a blog generates from Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing and Product selling related to the Blog. Google Adsense is a program of Microsoft Corporation. Google Adsense gives you the revenue of PPC (Pay per Click) made by the people on your website Ads. Google pay you for each and every click an amount that is according to you Ads. Besides this Google also pay $1 for per 1000 Impressions. In this way if your website has plenty of traffic then you may be very anxious in calculating the revenue generating only by PPM (Pay per Impressions). Suppose your website has huge traffic and you have daily 1,00,000 unique page views that means 1,00,000 / 1000 = 100 PPM will be generate daily and your daily income only by PPM will be 100*$1 = $100 or INR 6500/- (approx) according to Indian Currency. In this way your total monthly income via PPM will be 6500*30 = 1, 95,000. Besides this more income generates by Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and Product Selling.

You may be surprised that people who have passion of Blogging are INR 15,00,000 and more than this monthly in India. One of the top blogger in India is Mr. Harsh Aggarwal from New Delhi, India who is earning more than this amount in a month. He is a success full Blogger from India. Daily Hundreds or Thousands newbie takes inspiration from his blog which is I think world famous blog and have tremendous page views per day. You must at least once visit his blog.

Now let’s come back to our main topic. I hope so far you have been a little bit aware about blogging and article writing. So if you are interested in starting a blog so here I am giving you some information that how can you start a blog.

  1. First of all you must have a domain name and hosting. Most probably domain should be .com that is known as TLD (Top Level Domain) because it is much preferred by search engines and has a global appearance. It is the acronym of Commercial. You may buy your .com domain and hosting from which is my first choice as it has best speed and 24*7 supports.
  2. After getting domain and hosting you may install any WordPress theme to your website or you may go with any other CMS (Content Management System) like Drupal, Joomla or any other you like or you have command in that. After that you have to perform some basic steps like Sidebar settings, Font settings or anything you like to give a look to your website. Now you have done with basic setup of your website. After that you may start blogging.
  3. Now you should start writing useful and quality articles to the people of different interest. Your article may be about technology like .Net, PHP, HTML etc. in which you may solve problems faced by the students so that when any IT student face any problem in his study then he turn to internet and find your article. After reading your relevant article he must feel lucky and happy because his problem would have been solved after reading your article. In this way will be in the bookmark list of that student and if you keep continue this work than very soon you will get huge traffic from these students. This is only a example, besides this you may choose any area of your interest in which you are master to give information to the people. That’s all I have explained about blogging in brief.


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how to write seo friendly articles

How to Write SEO Friendly Article

Yes! This is the most common and full of enthusiasm question now a day that How to Write SEO Friendly Article and within a short span of time it must be on the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). If you want to be a professional blogger and want your articles always on the top of SERP and if you want to Write Search Engine Optimized Articles then you must read this article.


We all know that Internet is an imaginary world where we can get all the things we desire in term of Search Results, and for this Search Engines do their best to fulfill our desires. So it is clear that the output which we want from internet is depends on Search Engines Results and if Search Engines present unwilling or un-useful information before us then we say that the Search Engine is not very useful for us and we down vote that particular Search Engine.


In that case we try to switch to another Search Engine. Although it has not happened so far, but all Search Engine know very well that if they will not produce useful and target information before their clients then they will definitely suffer in quality and they will lost their market value, dignity and also they will be replaced by  other Search Engine in the age of competition. So every Search Engine whether it is Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other they produce best and suitable content before you, which full fills your demand. In this article I will teach you that How to write SEO Friendly Article.



  1. Content must be “To the Point” and “Useful” for the Audiences.


Now we have very clear cut idea that if we are going to write something on web, then it must be to the point, useful and must have quality so that Search Engine can like this to present it before clients. The content in your article must be related to the Title of your Article. That means Your Article should have SEO Friendly Title.


Suppose we ask a shopkeeper to give 1 K.G. Apples and he gives us 1 K.G. Orange then what will be your reaction? I think that you will be very much angry and ask him to listen you carefully, but if again he do the same mistake then?  I think this time you will kick on his Ass, if you don’t have so much patience as I have.


So definitely you will switch to another shopkeeper who listens you carefully and gives you only that thing which you asked. The same concept applies for Search Engines. If Search engines will not produce desired content which you want then definitely you will thing to switch to another one.


But what do you think; will Search Engines let it happen? Definitely the Answer is NO! Before it, someone decide to drop any particular Search Engine, Search Engine drop that website from the SERP which is not useful for the audience, to improve its quality. It has been happened in Feb 2010 when Google faced this problem and then they launched Panda Algorithm which dropped thousands of website in SERP which had poor or un-useful content.  If your Articles is not up to topic and it is absurd or present unwilling or un-useful information then Search Engines will put it down the stairs and it will not be shown in SERP. So always write Quality Content in your article.


  1. Grammatical mistakes

The Second thing to understand is that your article must be grammatical correct. That means you must take care of punctuation marks, full stop, commas, inverted commas, proper tense and all other grammatical issues. If you are using Passive voice in your article then it should be maximum 30% of all content.

To accomplish this you should write your article in any text editor of your choice. I use the latest version of MS Word for this.   You know that MS Word automatically shows all possible grammatical and spelling errors and you can easily correct them. After writing the whole article you may copy and paste it to your website to publish this online.

  1. Your Article must be long enough. Small articles are not preferred by SERP.

Your article must be long enough to explain the topic you are describing in your article. If you write small articles with 100 to 200 words or lesser then it means you are not willing to provide deep or detailed information to your audiences. Because Google prefer long articles on the same topic and put it higher in SERP.

In my earlier days I usually wrote small articles with very small contend and with 1 or 2 images. Because at that time my motive was to write more and more articles in lesser time. If you also follow the same fashion then it means that you are going to kill your article with your own hand. In February 2010 when Google launched Panda Algorithm then Google dropped all those websites from SERP which had these kinds of articles and those websites had to lose their top ranking in SERP.

When Google put down the ranking of those websites then the owner of those websites had to done a lot of work to recover from the Panda disaster. You should remember one thing that Panda Algorithm drop down the ranking of whole website despite the ranking of that particular article. And also remember that in future Google can introduce new algorithm to improve its SERP performances. So be careful in writing your articles, just write enough content for your audiences.


  1. Use on Page SEO tricks:


On Page SEO is one of the most important aspects when you write the articles. Because without On Page SEO your articles will not be appear in SERP for the target keywords.

For example you are writing an article on topic “how to cook butter chicken” then in your content you must insert the word of above said keyword in bold, italic, underline or in different color than black.

When you do this then what it’s meaning for Google? Yes! Google assumes these words different and special and index them in his directory. When someone searches with the above keyword then Google put those websites higher in SERP which has these words in special format in their articles.

It doesn’t mean that with only special format your website be on top. Besides this all other factors also affect your SEO Performance but yes, this is one of the most important factors.

  1. Social and Internal bookmarking :

To improve the visibility of your article over internet you must do some social and internal bookmarking for your article. Social bookmarking is a vast topic and I will cover it in another article. But as far as Internal bookmarking is concerned then it means that you must put some links to other articles in your current article.

But remember that these links must be relevant and must be in the flow of the topic. Now the question is that how internal bookmarking improves the visibility of your blog. So the answer is here. When Google crawl your current article then it also crawls all the internal links in your article and in this way your past articles also get crawled by the Google webmaster. So internal bookmarking improves overall SEO Performance of your Blog.

  1. Use Meta Title

You must use Meta title for your article. A Meta tag is nothing but a HTML tag which looks like as below:

<meta name=”description” content=”Your page description here”/>


In Content field of above HTML tag you must write keyword oriented text which also covers your Page Title. Remember Meta title must be between 135 to 160 characters. I will cover Meta title in another article as it is very vast article.


  1. Don’t Post Duplicate Contents

Always remember that duplicate content is a dangerous curse for your article. If you are copying someone’s content and Paste it to your article then it means that you are going to kill your article, because Google has super smart mechanism to identify the duplicate content over internet.

If you copy any content from another article and paste to your article then the content in your article will be considered as duplicate because Google match the content in its index and also check the date and time of both the contents. The older one will be considered as Unique and the other one will be considered as Duplicate. For detailed information I will cover this topic in another article.

So the bottom line is that “Whether you write 2 Lines, but it must be Unique”. That means you should write which is in your mind and when you will do this then you will be surprised that the content which you write, will be unique.

  1. Keyword Density

The next important aspect to write SEO oriented article is that your article should have Keywords in your content. Most importantly the Title should be cover in the first paragraph of your article. The density of Keyword must be between 8-10%. That means in a paragraph of 100 words there must be 5-10 keywords.

  1. Use H1, H2, H3 tags for headings

In your article you should use H1, H2 and H3 headings. Because Search Engines give a special value to Headings and they index these headings against keywords of your articles. When someone searches anything against that particular keyword then Google check its index and present those articles before the audiences which have included special format content in their articles and one of special format is a heading. So be careful while you write any blog. Always write H1, H2, and H3 headings in your articles.


So guys! I think that after reading this you would have gained some useful information. If you find it useful then don’t forget to like us on face book or share us on social websites. Thank you guys!

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how does duplicate content affect seo

How does Duplicate Content Affect SEO

Well! So you want to understand that how does Duplicate Content affect SEO. If it is so, then I think that you are serious to understand about Duplicate Content Strategy. But before it let’s understand first that what is the Duplicate Content.

What is Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content is basically that Content which appears on internet in more than one Place. In That situation Search Engines has to think that which content to present before the audiences and which to ignore. In this situation Search Engines has to decide to fix their indexes for better search results and user experiences.

How does Duplicate Content affect SEO

Now the next question is that how does Duplicate Content affect SEO? The very simple and great answer for this question is that Google put down your website from SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) or may be remove it completely from SERPs. Just have a look of following snapshot.

how does duplicate content affect SEO

how does duplicate content affect SEO

Look at the last lines in which Google itself has said that the site might be removed entirely from their index so that it won’t be appear in Search Results. So if you are a newbie in the world of blogging then you should be careful that how to write seo friendly article. It must be unique and informative for your audiences.

How does Google determine Original Content?

Google determine that content original which is crawled by Google bot first. If your content is crawled by Google bot first then your content will be the original one. But if you write any article and it is copied by any high PR (Page Rank) website which is crawled by Google by every hour and suppose your website is crawled by Google once in a day. So It may happen that article written by you may be crawled on another website first rather than you, who copied your content. In this way that content will be considered original for that website in the eyes of Google. So what you will do in that condition? Let’s understand that how to overcome from this situation.

How to keep your Content Original

Always do one thing first whenever you write any article and that is:  Just apply “Fetch as Google” in Google webmaster to index it immediately in Google index directory. In this way your article will be considered as original in the eyes of Google.

how does duplicate content affect seo

how does duplicate content affect seo

But still there is a problem and that is, you can’t stop the people to copy your article or content. So what will you do in that situation? To prevent such kind of content stealing you have to lodge a complaint in Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). When you lodge a complaint in DMCA to Google then Google takes the necessary action and force that website to remove your content or in some cases Google removes that website from Search Results for better user experiences.

How to check that your Content is Original or Not

Now the next question is that “How to check that the Content you have written is Original or has been written by someone else before”. For this there are so many tools are available on internet. I will describe only one tool at this time, rest tools I will describe in my another article. The most popular tool to determine content duplicity is Plagiarism-Checker from Small SEO Tools. Just follow the link You will see following screen.

how does duplicate content affect seo

how does duplicate content affect seo

Now just enter the content which you want to check for duplicity in the box provided and enter the security code. Finally Just click on check plagiarism button to check the Uniqueness of the content. That is all for now. We will return with such useful information in our next article.

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what is social bookmarkingg

What is Social Bookmarking

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you will be fine. If you are again on my forum then I think that you like my articles, but if you have visited on my Forum at the very first time then I Welcome you on my Forum. OK. So let’s have a cup of coffee and just read my article on the topic what is social bookmarking with every sip of coffee.

Local Bookmarking

If you are connected from computer and internet from a long time then I think you will be aware of bookmarking. So many times while surfing the web you have found some websites very useful and informative. So what do you do then? I am sure that you bookmark those websites in your web browser.

But if you are not aware about bookmarking in web browser then just check in your web browser there will be an option of bookmark in Menu Options of your web browser. When you click on bookmark option then the web address of current website is saved in the cache memory of web browser and in future whenever you need to open that particular website or webpage then you do not need to search that website again. You only need to open bookmarked websites from your web browser and that website opens before you without searching the web. This is the simple concept of bookmarking.

what is social bookmarking

what is social bookmarking

Why Local Bookmarking is not Reliable

Now just think about a situation in which either your system crashes or you have to format it for any reason and you have lost all the system information in your computer which also includes bookmark history of your web browser. Another situation may be that your system is perfect, but you are not at home or your Laptop is not with you. So in both the above conditions how can you access that particular website which you need? Definitely you will say that you have to search that particular website again to access it. In this case we can say that Bookmarking or in general we can say it local bookmarking, is not 100% reliable because there are chances in which we cannot access online content which we have bookmarked and the reason may be any.

So now this question arises that what is the solution of above problem? The very simple answer of this question is Social Bookmarking. Yes! It is Social Bookmarking which is 100% reliable when you are connected to the internet without worrying of your system crash or it is formatted. But how? Let’s understand this now.

Social Bookmarking

When we post the link of any article or any web page to any Social website like StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit or Digg then it is known as Social Bookmarking. Unlike Local Bookmarking Social Bookmarking can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You only need a computer with internet enabled. Thus we can say that Social Bookmarking is the best way to keep our useful links saved on web. So this is known as Social Bookmarking. Now there are some questions that how to do Social Bookmarking for SEO, how effective is Social Bookmarking for SEO etc. So I will post the details of these questions in my next articles. That is all for now.  Thanks for reading my whole Article. Thanks a lot guys. J

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How to use Image Control in ASP.NET

In my previous article I have described about Label Control, Button Control, CheckBox, CheckBoxList, RadioButton, RadioButtonList, ListBox and many other controls. In this article I will describe that How to use Image Control in ASP.NET.

What is Image Control

Image Control is a standard control which resides in Toolbox in Visual Studio (VS) Framework. This control is simply used to insert any image in the web form. To insert image control simply double click on it or drag it in your web form. When you insert this control then following coding appears in your source page.



This is the default coding which appears. In the above coding the ID of the control is a unique identifier which can be modified by you as per your desire, but remember the new identifier which you want to set must be unique. Now Follow the following steps that how to insert image in the web form.

Steps to Insert Image in the Web Form

  1. To use Image Control to insert image in your web page first you have to upload any image in the root directory or any other directory. For instance we create a directory (folder) namely images for this purpose. For this right click on Solution name in your VS Framework and the click on new folder, there you may insert any desired name (e.g. images) and then press enter. Now again right click on this folder and then click on add existing item to insert images from your system. (Also view this video)




  1. ImageUrl Property: This property is used to insert the desired image to your web form. To insert the image give the path of the image to this property. Watch the following video also.





  1. AlternateText Property: This property is used to set alternate text for the image. This is very useful property and one must add this property. You may type the text related to the image in this propery. If you insert a home image then the text may be “this is an image of home”. This is useful for On Page SEO purpose.


That is all about image control in brief. We will come back with more useful article very soon for you.

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what is radiobuttonlist control and how to use it in

What is RadioButtonList Control and how to use it in ASP.NET

RadioButtonList is a standard control like other controls like RadioButton, Button, CheckBox, CheckBoxList, Label, ListBox, DropDownList etc. In this article I will describe that what is RadioButtonList and how to use it in ASP.NET. Like RadioButton control RadioButtonList control is also used to select only single values out of multiple values. User can select only one value from the RadioButtonList control.


How to insert RadioButtonList control in ASP.NET

To insert RadioButtonList control in your web form first click on the toolbox in your Visual Studio (VS) Framework and then either double click on the RadioButtonList control or drag it your web form to insert it. When you will insert it in your web form then the following coding will appear automatically.



In above coding the ID of the control generates automatically with the default name. You may change it as per your need. Now the next question is that how can we insert items in the list. So just consider the following coding and also see the video…



Properties of CheckBoxList Control


  1. RepeatDirection

In above coding when you will run the program then it will be shown in vertical view by default. To view the list in horizontal view you can use RepeatDirection property of this control. This property has 2 values namely horizontal and vertical. When you set the value to horizontal then the list shows in horizontal view.

  1. RepeatColumn

This property is used to show RadioButtonList items in Columns. Suppose you want to show RadioButtonList in 2 or 3 columns as per your need then you may provide RepeatColumn an integer value like 2 or 3.

  1. RepeatLayout

This property has 2 values namely Flow and Table. When Flow layout is used then items of RadioButtonList shown in a flow means there is no alignment among them, while in Table layout the items of RadioButtonList are shown in the table view. Each item is shown in a column and a row with proper alignment. You may change between both layouts and can feel the change. To understand all above 3 properties just consider the following coding and run that.



  1. AutoPostBack

When this property is set to true then on clicking (check or uncheck) the RadioButtonList control, page postback to server. Postback to server means that the request goes to server to reload the page. This property should be set to true when we require performing any task on clicking the checkbox control and for this we can use SelectedIndexChanged Event to handle this task.


  1. SelectedIndexChanged Event


SelectedIndexChanged event is used to handle any task when someone clicks on the RadioButtonList item. To create SelectedIndexChanged event just go to the property of the RadioButtonList and click in the SelectedIndexChanged textbox and press enter. On pressing enter an event with the default name will be generated. If you want to give any name to this event then type the name of the event and then press enter. Just consider the following coding and also watch the video to understand this….




Note: To execute above event AutoPostBack property of the control must be set to true.


These are the basic features of RadioButtonList control. In my next article I will describe the detailed use of this control. That is all for now. Have a happy coding….

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how to use radiobutton control in

What is RadioButton Control and how to use RadioButton Control in ASP.NET

RadioButton is a Standard Control which found in Toolbox in Visual Studio (VS) Framework. In this article I will describe that What is RadioButton Control and how to use RadioButton Control in ASP.NET. RadioButton control is  used to select a single value out of many. User can not select more than one value at a time. RadioButton control is always used in group. We will discuss all the details step by step.

How to insert RadioButton Control

To insert RadioButton control first click on toolbox and then either double click on RadioButton control or you may drag it to your web form. When you insert this control in your web form then following coding automatically appears:



In above coding Default ID automatically generates which you may change as per your desire. Now our next step is to insert items. Consider the following coding and also watch the video for more details:



Remember that the value of GroupName Property for each control will be same. If this value differs than the RadioButton Controls will be treated separated.



Property of RadioButton Control


  1. AutoPostBack

When this property is set to true then on clicking (check or uncheck) the RadioButton control, page postback to server. Postback to server means that the request goes to server to reload the page. This property is set to true when we require to perform any task on clicking the checkbox control and for this we can use CheckedChanged Event to handle this task.

  1. CheckedChanged Event

CheckedChanged event is used to handle any task when someone clicks on the RadioButton item. To create CheckedChanged event just go to the property of the RadioButton and click in the CheckedChanged textbox and press enter. On pressing enter an event with the default name will be generated. If you want to give any name to this event then type the name of the event and then press enter. Just watch the following video to understand this….



  1. Checked

This property has 2 values namely true and false. When this property set to true then the control remains checked and when this is set to false then the control remains unchecked.


  1. OnCheckedChanged

In RadioButton property you may see CheckedChanged event. But when you create this event then in source page the event create with the name OnCheckedChanged while in aspx.cs page the event creates with the name CheckedChanged. Watch above video carefully. You may handle CheckedChanged event in this segment

RadioButton is not very typical control. I have discussed all main features of this control in this article. In my next article I will describe that how  we can use RadioButton Control in programming. Till then happy coding…






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