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Hello Guys! In this article I would like to explain you the best way to earn money from home without any investment or with very low investment. Guys! I will tell you only very few ways to earn money from home. You only need to be expert of computer or i can say internet. You must have a computer or laptop with an internet connection enabled. So here are those ways which may take you to earn a handsome amount of money.

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how to write seo friendly articles

Yes! This is the most common and full of enthusiasm question now a day that how can we write an article which is fully search engine optimized and within a short span of time it must be on the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). If you want to be a professional blogger and want your articles always on the top of SERP and if you want to Write Search Engine Optimized Articles then you must read this article. We all know that Internet is an imaginary world where we can get all the things we desire in term of Search Results, and for this Search Engines do their best to fulfill our desires. So it is clear that the output which we want from internet is depends on Search Engines Results and if Search Engines present unwilling or un-useful information before us then we say that the Search Engine is not very useful for us and we down vote that particular Search Engine.

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how does duplicate content affect seo

Well! So you want to understand that how does Duplicate Content affect SEO. If it is so, then I think that you are serious to understand about Duplicate Content Strategy. But before it let’s understand first that what is the Duplicate Content. Duplicate Content is basically that Content which appears on internet in more than one Place. In That situation Search Engines has to think that which content to present before the audiences and which to ignore. In this situation Search Engines has to decide to fix their indexes for better search results and user experiences. Now the next question is that how does Duplicate Content affect SEO? The very simple and great answer for this question is that Google put down your website from SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) or may be remove it completely from SERPs. Just have a look of following snapshot.

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what is social bookmarkingg

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you will be fine. If you are again on my forum then I think that you like my articles, but if you have visited on my Forum at the very first time then I Welcome you on my Forum. OK. So let’s have a cup of coffee and just read my article on the topic what is social bookmarking with every sip of coffee. If you are connected from computer and internet from a long time then I think you will be aware of bookmarking. So many times while surfing the web you have found some websites very useful and informative. So what do you do then? I am sure that you bookmark those websites in your web browser.

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How to use Image Control in ASP.NET In my previous article I have described about Label Control, Button Control, CheckBox, CheckBoxList, RadioButton, RadioButtonList, ListBox and...

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how to use radiobutton control in

RadioButton is a Standard Control which found in Toolbox in Visual Studio (VS) Framework. In this article I will describe that What is RadioButton Control and how to use RadioButton Control in ASP.NET. RadioButton control is used to select a single value out of many. User can not select more than one value at a time. RadioButton control is always used in group. We will discuss all the details step by step.

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